Valley Electronics partner platform

With unified strength, we can ensure easier and better communication. With this sharing and download tool we hope to enhance our offering to our partners. This download center is designed to play the central role in simplifying this process and strengthening the strategic brand identity of Valley Electronics GmbH and our products.

With the growing development of the download center, sales partners will have access to an ever increasing range of document templates (ie. Brochures, posters, advertisements, corporate pictures and all newly developed communication measures from Valley Electronics GmbH). All printed material, pictures and further documents, developed and used within our corporate identity will be available to all of you. 

Simple adaptions and/or corrections can be requested and will then be adapted by the representative advertising agency (NEONROT) at low-cost conditions.

Our website will also be available for your usage. You can edit your text, choose your pictures and module your pages and offering as you wish.